Ellen Hansen | Photographer


golden mini sessions

Sunday, August 16th, 2020
at the Hulls Gulch Foothills area in Boise, Idaho
during mornings + evening golden hours 

mini sessions are for...

personal self expression,  graduations, siblings, family, pets, 
commemorating the beauty of of any of life's changes, or just because its fun!

our work focuses on capturing the essence of your soul. no matter what you look like, your beauty shines through.
we see that, and we are honored to share the gift of capturing it with you. 

Whats a Mini Session? Why we love it:

A mini session is quicker and simpler than our usual sessions, but still has amazing results. 

Normally, we charge a session fee and then all digitals and prints are ordered afterwords during a viewing an ordering session. Our clients typically invest $900-$3,000 in their portrait session experience and fine art print collection.

By offering multiple sessions on the same day in the same place with an ordering process that is simpler than our custom experience, we are able to work with you at a much lower cost! We are thrilled to be able to provide you with a mini session opportunity. This only happens once or twice a year in Boise, so don't hesitate!

Our  Location

This diverse location allows to to make the session unique to you! We have a lot of experience at this foothills location, and we always go back to it for a few big reasons.

 There is there is a ton of VARIETY of backdrops and the LIGHT is always amazing! We will have access to orange sandstone, a variety of  sagebrush areas, tall green trees, hiking paths, a pond with a variety of other bushes and trees, rolling hills + Bogus Basin in the background, dry grass, green grass, a dusty road, and a fence - all without driving to a new spot.  This means that even for a mini session, we are going to get multiple totally different backgrounds and a range of colors to make it as personal as possible. 

What we also love about this location is although it is surrounded by beautiful nature, it is easily accessible with a parking lot, a bathroom to change in, and spots to shoot in are a short, easy walk. The area is behind camels back, just a few minutes up 8th street. 

All of the images  on this page were taken at our location.

Excited to work together? So am I! Keep scrolling to book your time slot.

Golden Mini Session

one outfit
accessory changes + props allowed

30 minute session

online gallery with 25+ proofs to choose from

(15) beautifully edited final images

delivered in high res via online download

print release for personal use
up to 8x12"
25% off normal large print prices


$175 non refundable retainer due to book

1 / 1
Click the button below to choose your time slot. We will be in touch with the contract and retainer payment afterwards.

The Process

Step 1   Pick your time slot using the booking calendar. Click the button above.

Step 2   We will send you a contract + retainer payment via email to submit online. We can also take Venmo. Once your retainer fee is paid, you are in the calendar! Woot woot! 

Step 3   The day of the session we will meet in the parking lot. We will chat for a bit and upon seeing your outfits I will decide which direction and path to take us on. After that, it will just feel like you are going on a walk with a friend! Easy peasy. 

Step 4   Within 5 days of your session, you will receive an online proofing gallery. All of your best images from the session, at least 25, will be lightly edited. From there, you will choose your favorite images to receive an additional round of fine tuning the editing to make them perfect and ready for use. Don't worry, perfect still means natural, and the changes are subtle - we never airbrush. You can also order more images at this time. 

Step 5  The exciting part! Your final images are added to the online gallery. You can download these to any of your devices. Share them on social media, send them to your family, and print them up to 8x12" which is the perfect size for gifting, graduation announcements, prints around your house, collages, and more. Larger wall prints can be ordered from your online gallery, which also has a print store. 

Additional Ordering Info

Adding More Edits

Additional edits with the download and print release are available to add on at the time you choose your final edits. 

  • per 5 additional images  + $100
  • 15 extra  images + $250

Selection is due within 10 days of receiving your online gallery. Proofs will not be available to order more edits from after the 10 days. Payment is due via card online or Venmo and edits will not be done or delivered until payment is received. 

Your Print Store

We LOVE making prints for you! We also do albums and wall art like canvas and metal prints. We have done a lot of research and trial + error to provide you with the highest quality for each product, partnering with labs that are exclusive to professional photographers. 

We only allow printing up to 8x12" to retain quality control on wall art. We like to make sure colors are accurate, the printing will last, and that we get to sign any large prints. We care about your images too much to allow them to be printed improperly! This is for your benefit.  Larger prints (and other fine art products) can be easily ordered through your online gallery. Prints sizes 11x14" and up start at $150. Mini sessions include 25% off our typical print prices. 


What do I wear? How do I pose?

We want you to be YOURSELF! Our sessions are focused on organic movement and true self expression. Generally, we want you to wear what makes you feel confident. However, to make it easier, we will send you an outfit and session prep guide! We are also available to be shown outfit options before your session and are happy to answer questions at any point. 

How far in advance should I book?

Time slots are first come first serve. They are limited and will fill fast. I highly recommend booking now!

What if I want a shoot at a different location?

We offer longer, custom sessions tailored to tell your story exactly how you want it. Contact us for pricing and to get started. 

That seems short. Will we have enough time?

Surprisingly, yes! Thanks to our 7+ years of experience, we can get a lot of varying imagery in a short amount of time. You might not feel like much is happening, but trust me - it is!  All of our clients are amazed at how easy the process was compared to how many totally different moments we captured.

How many people are allowed?

Sessions focus on either 1 person or a family dynamic of 2-5 people. This can be 2 best friends, siblings, or a whole family. No more than 5 people are allowed. For group sessions, the focus will be on everyone together, resulting in less individual images, although everyone will still get at least 1 portrait fo their own!

Can I bring my pet?
Yes! Dogs are allowed on the trails. And, we have worked with people and their pets - including wiggly ones that won't stay still - more than a dozen times! 

What if I'm late?

If you are more than 5 minutes late, that time will cut into your 30 minute time slot. Because someone may be after you, we cannot guarantee the full 30 minutes if you are more than 5 minutes late. If you are more than 20 minutes late and we cannot move you to a later time slot, your session will be cancelled and the retainer will be void. Please do your best to be 10 minutes early instead.  

How does payment work?

After you pick your time slot, you will be emailed a contract and retainer payment form. You can pay by card online or send us your retainer via Venmo.
Your retainer must be received within 2 days of choosing your time slot, or the space will become available to someone else. The remainder of your payment is due before the session online or in person as cash or check. Your proofing gallery will not be sent until payment has been made in full. 

What if I need to cancel?

The retainer for your session is non refundable. If you become unavailable during your time slot, we will discuss changing to a different time to make it work with your schedule. If you have to cancel entirely, your retainer payment will be kept but the remainder will not be due. 

Questions? I'm here to help!
Email hello@ellenhansen.com or text us 208-440-3410. 

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